Willkommen in Berlin zum 5. Music World Festival

"Believe In Your Star"

Dates & Deadlines

Register: New Players (Open)

Migrate to Different Place: Current Players (Open)

Submit Song: 2 July - 10 July

Songs Revealed: 13 July

Vote for your Favorites: 14 July - 29 July

Results Revealed: 1 August

Includes all songs, except Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. Please make sure to listen to those entries also before voting.

The Songs

Smith & Thell feat. Swedish Jam Factory - Forgive Me Friend

Guy Sebastian - Like a Drum

Maruv - Black Water

КешYou - Ризамын [Kesh You - Rïzamın]

Wincent Weiss - An Wunder

Broods - Heartlines

Mennel – Je Pars Mais Je T’aime

Gavin Edwards - Sparks

Elvana Gjata - Forever is Over

SEA - Player 2

11. Malta

I.AM.WILLOW - Oceanful


Raoul Vázquez - Estaré Ahí

14. Brasil

MC Tha - Rito de Passá

Heilung - Norupo

16. Canada

DARENOTS - Down ft. Gianni Luminati

스트레이 키즈 Stray Kids - MIROH

Sam Spiegel & Ape Drums ft. Assassin - Mutant Brain

Bomba Estéreo - Internacionales

Richard Orlinski ft. Anna Zak & Fat Joe - Gravity

ALMA - Perfect

Le Prince - Human

Radistai DJs - Energy

蔡依林 - 來福薩克死 [Jolin Tsai - Life Sucks]

25. Monaco

Léa Paci - On prend des notes

26. Perú

Renata Flores ft. Kayfex - Tijeras

zalagasper - Come to Me

28. Italia

Federica Carta, La Rua - Sull'Orlo Di Una Crisi D'Amore

Wany Hasrita - Ewah Ewah

Danny Ocean - Dembow

UCast - Quadra

KDA ft. Tinashe - Just Say

Jay Chan - Celica អស់សាំង [Celica Os Sang]

Firyuza - Shazadam

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Congratulations Stacey and Sweden for winning the 5th Music World Festival with "Forgive Me Friend" by Smith & Thell feat. Swedish Jam Factory

Voting Breakdown