Welcome to Tehran, Iran for the 12th Music World Festival

"Into The Fire"

Semi-Final 1

We're celebrating our 1-year anniversary with a special edition, where there are NO RULES regarding which artist/song can be submitted and for which place they can represent...

Anything goes without intervention from the festival organizers!

Thank you for a wonderful year. We hope you enjoy the music!

Dates & Deadlines

Register: New Players (Open)

Migrate to Different Place: Current Players (Open)

Submit Song: 2 - 10 February

Semi-Final Voting: 11 - 20 February

Grand Finale Voting: 21 - 29 February

Results Revealed: 1 March

Semi-Final 1 Songs

روسیه .3 [Russia]

آلبانی .3 [Albania]

سوئد .5 [Sweden]

موناکو .6 [Monaco]

آفریقای جنوبی .6 [South Africa]

ترکمنستان .12 [Türkmenistan]

کشورها .19 [Faroe Islands]

لیت وانی .20 [Lithuania]

مجارستان .21 [Hungary]

Click the link above to watch the results via ScoreWiz. Space bar starts it and you can navigate the speed with the arrow keys on the top right of the ScoreWiz page.