Stanard Editions

  • Standard editions are those with fewer than 36 participants.

  • The song submission period will be from the 2nd-10th of the month.

  • The songs will be revealed on the 13th of the month

  • The voting will be from the 14th-29th of the month.

  • The results will be revealed by the end of the day on the 1st of the month.

Semi-Final Editions

  • Semi-Final editions are those with 36+ participants.

  • The song submission period will be from the 2nd-10th of the month.

  • The voting in Semi-Finals will be from the 11th-20th of the month.

    • Number of finalists is dependent on number of participants:

      • In editions with 36-41 participants, the top 10 from the semi will advance to the final along with the single automatic qualifier.

      • In editions with 42+ participants, the condition is as follows:

        • At the most, half of the participants in a given semi will not advance to the Grand Final.

  • The voting in the Grand Finale will be from the 21st-30th of the month.

  • The results will be revealed on the 1st of the month.


Which Places Can You Represent?

  • You may represent any place in the world:

    • Territories are acceptable when the singer is from that specific territory:

      • Example: A Puerto Rican singer can represent Puerto Rico.

    • Microstates should "attempt" to exhaust local talent. Regarding borrowing from bordering country(ies):

      • It is preferred that microstates have their own individual identity rather than becoming a Spain or France 2.0

        • This can happen in many ways, such as Andorra sending songs in Catalan or Basque.

      • A microstate cannot send an artist that can represent an open country.

        • Example: If the planned singer for Monaco can represent France and France is available, then that singer cannot represent Monaco at that time. You are welcome to submit that song for the other open country though.

  • The place you have chosen to represent is considered final until the next edition:

    • This means that you cannot change the place you represent until the following edition.

  • Registered participants have the place they represent automatically reserved for the next edition:

    • You may change the place you represent for the next edition by filling out the "Migrate".

  • The winner of the edition chooses the host city, slogan, and their running order in the next edition.

  • You may only represent one place per edition:

    • Any fraud will result in a permanent ban.


Which Artists Can You Send?

  • Artists must have a connection to the place they represent:

    • Citzenship, residency, parent(s) from there.

    • One member of a duo/group must have a strong connection to the place they represent.

  • Global superstars are not allowed:

    • While the limit for what could be considered a superstar isn't strict, if the artist you are considering to send is consistently famous across continents, won Eurovision or is well known to the general public (regardless of age group, country and community), then they are probably a superstar (eg. Lady Gaga, Adele, AC/DC, BTS).

    • Borderline cases will be voted on by the participating members.


Which Songs Can You Send?

  • Songs can be in any language and from any release date.

  • Songs cannot be international hits. We will consider a song an international hit if it placed in the top 10 charts across at least 3 continents:

    • Please check chart history of songs before submitting.

    • Covers of international hits and global superstars are not allowed.

    • Borderline cases will be submitted for further evaluation.

  • Songs from Eurovision and Junior Eurovision are not allowed:

    • Songs from Eurovision-related national finals are also not allowed.

  • Songs from previous editions of Music World Festival are not allowed.

  • If two participants send the same song for two different places, then whoever submitted it second must change their song.

  • Your song submission is considered final until the next edition.

    • This means that you cannot change the song once you have submitted it.


How Does Voting Work?

  • Every registered participant awards points to their 10 top songs:

    • Points will be awarded Eurovision-style (12, 10, 8-1).

  • All registered participants must vote:

    • Failure to vote will result in disqualification of the player and song.

      • Participants will also indicate their 11th-13th place favourite songs in case a song or three in your top 10 ends up disqualified. Your points for the disqualified song will be taken out and your remaining top will be moved up a slot.

      • A disqualified song cannot make a return in the festival (except in special edition if rules allow).

    • Random voting or other means of not voting fairly will result in a permanent ban without warning.

    • Participants cannot vote for their own entries.

  • In Semi-Final editions:

    • Participants only vote in their own Semi-Final.

      • The host can choose to vote in both or neither.

    • All finalists are required to vote in Grand Finale.

      • Non-Qualifiers can choose to vote in Finale if they would like

  • Tiebreaker rules from Eurovision will apply in the event of a tie for first place only. There will be no tiebreakers for other placements.

  • Your votes are considered final once you have submitted them.

    • This means you cannot change any of your votes so make sure to not rush.


What's the Chat Etiquette?

  • This festival is meant to purely be fun and we encourage participants to interact with one another. Please be mindful of how your words and statements may impact others:

    • Jokes and sarcasm are hard to detect via text. Just make sure you make it clear you are being sarcastic or joking.

  • Keep in mind that this festival has participants from ALL over the world and communication can be a very cultural-specific phenomenon:

    • What may be considered "direct" and "honest" in your culture, may be considered "rude" and "insensitive" in another.

    • We ask that you generally be positive and avoid insulting others/hurting their feelings.

  • Revealing your votes before the official vote reveal is strickly prohibited:

    • You're welcome to discuss songs/artists, but making it clear who will and who will not get points from you is strickly prohibited.

  • The admins for this site do not get paid and work on their own-free time to organize this festival. As a result, the admins cannot monitor the chat 24/7.

  • You can join our Discord server and follow us on Twitter too.