Welkom in Kaapstad vir die 7de Music World Festival

"Celebrate The Sound Of Your Nation"

Dates & Deadlines

Register: New Players (Open)

Migrate to Different Place: Current Players (Open)

Submit Song: 2 September - 10 September

Songs Revealed: 13 September

Vote for your Favorites: 14 September - 29 September

Results Revealed: 1 October

Denmark is geoblocked in some places. Proxies don't work so please use a VPN.

Norway is age restricted so please make sure you're signed into YouTube.

The Songs

PNAU ft. Kira Divine & Marques Toliver - Solid Gold

Arilena Ara - I'm Sorry

Beyond The Black - In The Shadows

Najoua Belyzel – Tu me laisses aller

Rochelle - All Night Long

Ina Wroldsen - Mine

Morat & Juanes - Besos en Guerra

Miriam Bryant - Black Car

Luke Chappell - Head in the Clouds

Gaya Arzumanyan - Jengyal

Anael - Glow

Christia Visser - 17 Shots

五月天 ft. 鄧紫棋 - 盛夏光年 - [Mayday ft. G.E.M. - Eternal Summer]

에버글로우 [EVERGLOW] - Adios

Lucas & Steve x Deepend - Long Way Home

ALMA - Don't Know

Karó - Silhouette

Serebro - О Мама

Major Lazer ft. Elliphant & Jovi Rockwell - Too Original

19. Italia

Chiara Galiazzo ft. J-AX - Pioggia viola

Roisin Muphy - Let Me Know

22. Canada

Felix Cartal & LIGHTS - Love Me

Gonzalo Hermida ft. Andrés Dvicio - Guajira

小柳ゆき - あなたのキスを数えましょう [Yuki Koyanagi - Anatano Kiss Wo Kazoemashou -You Were Mine]

Insomniacks - Pulang

Rae Morris - DO IT

Grace VanderWaal - Moonlight

Karetus, Bárbara Bandeira & Yuzi - One Nation

30. Brasil

Tiê - A Noite

Aqua - My Oh My

Gin Wigmore - Girl Gang

Mariana BO ft. Sapir Amar - Oh Mama

Dobet Gnahore- Djoli

Damir Kedžo - Vidi se izdaleka

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Congratulations Ben and Australia for winning the 7th Music World Festival with "Solid Gold" by PNAU feat. Kira Divine & Marques Toliver

The Score Breakdown