Bienvenue à Nouméa, Nouvelle-Calédonie pour le 15e Music World Festival

"Être Reconnaissant"

Eurovision 2020 Special

We celebrated Eurovision 2020 with a special edition this month!

The rules were as follows:

All participants were randomly assigned a Eurovision 2020 country.

Songs must either have been the Eurovision 2020 song for that country, or one from that country's 2020 National Final.

Since we had more 41 participants, previous ESC participating countries were assigned. In this case, the song must hae been the one that country sent the last time they participated, or one from their National Final the last year they participated.

The only Automatic Qualifier was the host, thus there was no Big 5.

Once all registered participants were allocated a place, there was an "exchange period" where upi could switch your place with one that had not been assigned to anyone.

Everyone must have voted in their own Semi-Final, and everyone could have optionally voted as the televote in the other Semi-Final.

Everyone must have voted in the Grand Finale, qualifiers as jury and non-qualifiers as televote.

And our slogan was "Être Reconnaissant" which translates to "Be Grateful" as a token of appreciation for all the years Eurovision has brought us joy and will continue to do so in the future.

Dates & Deadlines

Register: New Players (Open)

Submit Song: 2 - 10 May 23:59 NZST

Semi-Final Voting: 11 - 20 May 23:59 NZST

Qualifier Reveal: 22 May 3:00 NZST

Grand Finale Voting: 21 - 30 May 23:59 NZST

Results Revealed: 1 June

The Grand Finalists

1. la Bulgarie [Bulgaria]

2. la Suisse [Switzerland]

3. la Russie [Russia]

4. l'Allemagne [Germany]

5. la Lituanie [Lithuania]

6. l'Ukraine [Ukraine]

8. l'Azerbaïdjan [Azerbaijan]

10. le Finlande [Finland]

11. la Serbie [Serbia]

12. l'Espagne [Spain]

13. l'Estonie [Estonia]

14. l'Irlande [Ireland]

15. la République tchèque [Czech Republic]

16. l'Australie [Australia]

17. la Roumanie [Romania]

18. le Royaume-Uni [United Kingdom]

Click above to watch the results video with music in the background.

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Congratulations Daniel and Bulgaria for winning the 15th Music World Festival with "Tears Getting Sober" by VICTORIA

Grand Finale Score Breakdown

Jury Breakdown

Televote Breakdown