Tervetuloa Helsinkiin, Suomi 16. Music World Festival

"Music is Magic"

Dates & Deadlines

Register: New Players (Open)

Migrate to Different Place: Current Players (Open)

Submit Song: 2 - 10 June

Songs Revealed: 13 January

Vote for your Favourites: 14 - 29 June

Results Revealed: 1 July

The Songs

4. Italia [Italy]

6. Etelä-Afrikka [South Africa]

8. Monaco

9. Sveitsi [Switzerland]

10. Kanada [Canada]

20. Espanja [Spain]

21. Yhdysvallat [United States of America]

22. Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta [UK]

24. Etelä-Korea [South Korea]

26. Uusi-Seelanti [New Zealand]

27. Norja [Norwee]

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Congratulations Robin and Australia for winning the 16th Music World Festival with "Dots" by Woodes

The Score Breakdown