Standard Migration

If you would like to simply migrate to another available place for the current/next edition, then please either indicate it in the form when you vote in the Grand Finale or fill out the travel form here.

Who should fill out this form:

  • Those who want to move to another place per traditional means.

Reversible Migrations

Reversible migrations are intended for those who may want to represent another place for one or two editions with the intention of coming back. For example, perhaps the French representative has an artist/song they would like to submit for Djibouti but would like to return to France after one edition. Meanwhile, someone else would have a chance to represent France during that time away. Or, maybe someone would like to send a song for Norwee but it's unavailable. That individual could fill out the request here and the Norwee representative may take that opportunity to submit a song for another place for an edition or two before returning.

Who should fill out this form:

  • Those who would like leave their current place but return after one or two editions.

  • Those who would like to request to represent another place that is currently reserved.

  • Those who would like to organize an exchange with someone else.

Please note that admins will have minimal involvement with this process, thus keep an eye out and work with one another through this process. You can fill out the reversible migration form here.

Reversible Migration Requests - Public Ledger